Welcome to GoldenBoys website


The GoldenBoys Off-Road Community, which all member riders will be able to recognize, identify with and share a common lifestyle philosophy. Becoming a GoldenBoy means being part of daily off-road life, a way of being which unites and bonds all passionate riders and gives them a strong sense of belonging. To become a GoldenBoy send your request by filling out the form in the MEMBERS-Become GoldenBoys – section. If the request is accepted, you will receive your personal, exclusive, GoldenBoys Club membership card in the mail.


By entering the Community you will find many friends to share your passion with, in addition to many exclusive benefits reserved for GoldenBoys only:

ONE - GT support

– GT support at Special Events with a Goldentyre mechanic dedicated to GoldenBoys + the possibility of pre-booking tyres to be used in the event.

TWO - Reserved Hospitality

– An exclusive GoldenBoys point at selected events to meet other GoldenBoys and exchange views with mechanics and pilots like Jarvis.

THREE - Exclusive new GT product testing

– Privileged access to the latest Goldentyre products in advance. As a GoldenBoy you will be one of the first to buy and test newly released GT products and give your feedback.

FOUR - Workshops

– Workshops and courses with professional riders, dedicated exclusively to GoldenBoys.

FIVE - GT support for competent riders

– At races promoting the Goldentyre Family, a number of competent riders from the GoldenBoys community will be supported just like professionals.

SIX - GoldenBoys Events

-You can go on exclusive motorcycle rides, tours and events specially organised for GoldenBoys.

SEVEN - Exclusive GoldenBoys branded products

– Exclusive access to GoldenBoys branded products like helmets, jackets, gloves, t-shirts, etc.